Fan-Made Pokemon works

some BACKGROUND faqs

Why Pokemon?

The first ever gaming console I had as a kid was the Gameboy Advance SP, along with a fake copy (I seriously thought it was genuine) of the Pokemon Emerald Version game cartridge.

So naturally, I got addicted to it and fell in love with the Aron family!

My Favourite Pokemons?

Aron and the naughty little Charmander, of course!


My Pokemon team?

  • Aggron

  • Charizard

  • Dusknoir

  • Metagross

  • Kyogre

  • Golem

check out some of my pokemon works below

Adding 3D Pokemons To Real-Life Images, Etc (2019)

DSC03766_edited (IG).png

Mama Aggron has 3 baby musketeers ❤️

Small Charmander with BIG dreams! ❤️


Outros For My YouTube Videos (2015)

There was a time when I was really free... Ahh, how I wish I could go back in time... *snap* Oh sorry!

So, these are the couple of different outros I did for my YouTube videos.




3D Aron Hatching From An Egg (2012 old)

Lets assume Aron is not a mammal and it hatches from an egg and...

After mami, Aggron, and papi, Mega Aggron, had a good time and had a baby... This is how epic it will be when baby Aron hatches from its egg!


Turning A Picture Into A 3D Environment & Adding 3D Arons Into It (2012 old)

This was part of my polytechnic assignment, Camera Projection Mapping. Basically this technique is used in movies where a normal picture (2D) is used to create environments by faking depth (making it 3D) into it.


Adding 3D Arons To Real-Life Images (2012 old)

Basically, I added my baby Arons into real-life still shot pictures and made them looked believable and cool!


This was a collab with a DeviantART artist, Rose-Monster.

The Lairon is figurine and my baby Arons just had to wreak havoc in the picture.

Now, isn't "havoc" just a normal everyday thing for this cheeky little babies?


This picture was taken at some random carpark. 

Yet again, the baby Arons, together with their big brother, Registeel, had something to say about this picture!

If you intend to park your precious car in this carpark... Boy, you came to the wrong neighbourhood. This guys eat steel for breakfast!


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